Hemonides Applied Arts' is a creative team with over forty years experience in applied design. The Hemonides family name, with over three generations of tradition in interior design, has become synonymous with unique design, creativity and above all elegance.

The company is now lead by the family's third generation of designers who offer a combined skill-set in interior, product and graphic design. Both Vassilis and Georgia studied various aspects of design in the UK and after gaining invaluable experience with leading companies in their respective fields, came together to present their own creative ideas and approach.

The company's offices are located in a recently renovated historic building in the old town of Nicosia close to the Architectural Academy. The company also has access to the family run furniture workshop facility which produces high quality customized and hand-crafted furniture creations.

The experience gained over the last 30 years, has given us a practical insight into all aspects of interior design. That experience, when combined with our academic background and on-going involvement in contemporary projects, gives us a unique approach and perspective into all aspects of design. The combination of interior design, graphic design and furniture production means we can offer complete solutions to our clients. This gives us a very powerful advantage over other offices offering only one of those disciplines.

We work very closely with architects and civil engineers to ensure that all work done during the development of your project is in line with the agreed principles and goals. We hold regular on-site and off-site meetings with our clients to exchange ideas, update on progress and to constantly ensure that we have the same expectations and goals. Our main concern is to deliver a result that surpasses our client's expectations.

Our design approach is strongly rooted in the belief that the design and utilization of any interior should always consider three elements: Functionality, usability and design. Understanding an interior's purpose is paramount to creating the right mood and functionality.

Every one of our clients has a unique set of aesthetic values and practical needs. This unique thumbprint of needs and style is what guides us to a personalized design solution that fits exactly to each client's needs and expectations.

A good design idea is one that can withstand the test of time and remain contemporary and relevant. To achieve this, our design approach follows simple, minimal lines with emphasis given to creating harmony and balance. Our inspiration comes from nature and we place special emphasis in combining natural materials such as wood, granites, and textiles.