A good design idea is one that can withstand the test of time and remain contemporary and relevant. To achieve this, our design approach follows simple, minimal lines with emphasis given to creating harmony and balance. Our inspiration comes from nature and we place special emphasis in combining natural materials such as wood, granites, and textiles.






Many clients simply can't find what they want in their local furniture design showrooms. Some clients require new furniture designs to blend with their existing furnishings. Some have specific size and/or material requirements. Many clients just desire a more superior product than what is offered locally, and still others want something truly original.

Everything Custom Furniture Design makes is custom made to order – "client-specific" furniture designs – handcrafted the old fashion way with quality materials and fine workmanship. Whether it's a modification of a previous design or an original concept, we can custom fabricate the ideal furniture design for your next upcoming project.

Our working studio is conveniently located: Lakatamia Industrial area, Nicosia – where you can see our talented craftsmen fabricating a constantly evolving collection of truly beautiful custom furniture. We invite you to stop by and visit us.







ZEITRAUM isn´t just furniture, ZEITRAUM is an attiude to life and the things around us. The objects which accompany us through life
should have character, whilst also being practical, adaptable and unobtrusive. They are a mirror and an expression of their owner,
a servant and a friend. Our furniture is attractive because it is of good quality not because of designer frills. It impresses without
dominating - exciting in its simplicity.







Kvadrat was established in Denmark in 1968 and now holds a leading position in the European market of design-textiles supplying renowned architects, designers and furniture manufacturers throughout the world, for use in upholstery and curtains

The company continuously seeks to push the aesthetic, technological and artistic boundaries of textiles, working with a roster of the world's top designers, architects and artists including Alfredo Häberli, Peter Saville, Akira Minagawa, Tord Boontje, David Adjaye and Olafur Eliasson

Kvadrat fabrics have been used in some of the world's most intriguing architectural developments such as The Gherkin – London, Museum of Modern Art – NYC, Walt Disney Concert Hall – Los Angeles, Reichstag – Berlin, Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao, Copenhagen Opera House – Denmark, Yves St. Laurent – Paris and the new Opera House in Oslo







Since the founding in 1839, Kähler has been presented at exhibitions and museums around the world, and Kähler is an internationally recognized ceramics company with a strong artistic heritage. Today among others Louise Campbell, Cecilie Manz and Jeanette List Amstrup carry on the tradition – with the ambition of bringing art to the people.
Kähler honors art. Then. And now.