A good design idea is one that can withstand the test of time and remain contemporary and relevant. To achieve this, our design approach follows simple, minimal lines with emphasis given to creating harmony and balance. Our inspiration comes from nature and we place special emphasis in combining natural materials such as wood, granites, and textiles.



Our story as a manufacturer is molded by our interest in craft based materials, with a strong focus on solid wood without ignoring other materials that require the passion of a craftsman. Our expertise in solid wood is renowned and rooted in many years of production at our own facility in Nicosia.



101 102 103 104
201 Georgian Upholstered 202 Hay 203 Avgy 204 Queen Anne
205 Georgian 206 Louis 16 207 Louis 16 Dining 208 Louis 16
209 Swan Armchair 210 Round Armchair 211 Georgian Armchair 212 Dolphin Armchair
213 Leather Armchair 214 Lounge 215 Dolphin Lounge 216 Dolphin Armchair
312 Swan Sofa 313 Easy chair 314 Bergera 315 Lounge
413 Swan side table 414 Trible 415 Colum 416 Side table
510 Cross 511 Circle 512 Blue 513